August 2020 Business Meeting Packet

Please view or download the August 2020 Business Meeting packet at August2020BusinessMeetingPacket.pdf read more

July 2020 Church Business Meeting

July 2020 Business Meeting Packet read more

June 2020 Business Meeting Packet

The business meeting packet for June 2020 may be downloaded here: June2020BusinessMeetingPacket.pdf ... read more

Session 11: Exponential: The Jesus Movement

Handout may be downloaded here: 11_TheJesusMovementHANDOUT.pdf read more

Session 10: Exponential: Global Awakening of 1904-1908

Download the handout: 10_GlobalAwakeningHANDOUT-1.pdf read more

Session 9: Exponential: The Revival of 1858

Download the handout here. 9_Revivalof1858HANDOUT.pdf read more

Session 8: Exponential: The Second Great Awakening #3

8_SecondGreatAwakening_3_HANDOUT.pdf read more

Regathering Phase One

Download the regathering plan - RegatheringPhaseOne.pdf read more

Session 7: Exponential: The Second Great Awakening #2

7_SecondGreatAwakening_2_HANDOUT.pdf read more

Session 6: Exponential: The Second Great Awakening #1

6_SecondGreatAwakening_1_HANDOUT.pdf read more

Session 5: Exponential: The First Great Awakening - #2 and Effects

5_FirstGreatAwakening_2andeffects_HANDOUT.pdf read more

Session 4: Exponential: The First Great Awakening - Fire!

4_FirstGreatAwakening_Fire_HANDOUT.pdf read more
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