God loves impossible situations!

What a day we had yesterday!  We were blessed with music from Pineville High School's choir and welcomed two new church members. To God be the glory for the things He is doing among us!

In yesterday's message, we looked at John 6:1-15. Our focus point was: 

When we submit to His plan, God thrives in the impossible.

All of us face impossible situations at some point in life. In those times, we must learn to submit to the plan of Jesus and allow Him to thrive. When we do, we might just see a miracle. Five small barley loaves and two sardine like fish may seem small (and disgusting), but, in the hands of Jesus, it can feed 5000 all they want! Few of us have a problem seeing a problem, most of us have trouble realizing that "great opportunities are often disguised as unsolvable problems" (Swindoll). We must remember that nothing is impossible with God. In this story, a boy with a rather nasty snackable proved to be the material for a miracle. It wasn't much, but it was enough in the hands of Jesus. What if the reason God is holding back is because you are holding back?

William Barclay asks, what if the world has been “denied miracle after miracle and triumph after triumph because we will not bring to Jesus what we have and who we are? If we would lay ourselves on the altar of his service, there is no saying what He could do with us and through us.” 

There’s more to this miracle than just providing lunch to a bunch of people. Jesus is teaching us that He can meet the “deep, spiritual hunger of our hearts.” He can turn around our impossible situations.

You can listen to yesterday's service HERE.

Next Sunday, we will consider John 6:16-24 and a message entitled "Walking through a Storm."  We'll look at the story of Jesus walking on the water and see how that can apply to us in our life. It's one of my favorite stories in the Bible. Don't miss it!

See you Sunday!