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Haven Collegiate Ministries


Haven Collegiate Ministries is proud to serve students in the CenLa area!  Please come join us in the Pink House, which is located directly behind the church.  Here are some great opportunities to meet our church family:






8:30 a.m - Early Worship Service - Gym


9:45 a.m. - Sunday school in the Pink House led by LC's Justin Langford and LSUA's Jamey Gilliland and assisted by Dr. John Clement.  

A full breakfast is served.


11:00 a.m. - Late Worship Service - Gym




4:45 p.m. - FREE supper for college students (with student ID) in the Fellowship Hall

The Pink House is open on Wednesday nights for free coffee, sodas, and WiFi!

We also have fun activities and ministry opportunities throughout the year.  


Need more info? Check out our Facebook page at Haven Collegiate Ministries or contact Rebecca Holloway at! ‚Äč